SUNYANI LTD. is an ethical fashion brand with a purpose, created for everyone who wants to dive into the colorful world of African prints. We turn authentic fabrics into unique modern fashion pieces taking African Fashion to the streets. But thats not it...

...our aim is to not only create a brand that spreads the rich culture of Ghana and its continent, but a brand that helps change lives in giving back and creating opportunities.

How do we intend to do that?

In mainly sourcing and producing locally, creating stable incomes and ensuring fair pay for our employees. The goal was to build a brand that makes you feel good because you simply love that dress or shirt you just purchased AND because you become part of a higher purpose → building a sustainable successful business that reinvests back into the community. Besides upholding moral & ethical values we believe that thinking long-term is important! Happy fair-paid employees are more likely to invest in their children's education & in local businesses which ultimately boosts the economy  more local businesses arise → more jobs are created → more people are able to help others and so on. In addition to the economic boost factor, we also help the environment through reducing shipping and storage which automatically reduces emission and energy usage.

Think outside the box. It's more than just Fashion. Make an impact with every purchase, lets all rise up together and help change lives. 

Carmen H. CEO of SUNYANI LTD.:

"In this day and age, we must be more conscious and understand the power every single one of us has, especially through consumption. What's a better feeling than buying a dope piece of fashion knowing nobody had to suffer during the production process and you are actually helping to make a positive change at the same time? " 

Be part of something more than just fashion, be part of the movement! 


Fair African Print Clothing made by Africans in Africa

Authentic Kente print fabrics Ethically handmade clothingCEO checking the quality of a finished product